Will my ex ever regret me?

I've been with my boyfriend now ex for 2 years and some months.. I've been there emotionally, financially, I was there when he went to jail, there for everything but all he do verbally abuse me, accuse of my cheating, treat me like a whore like I'm only good for sex... Like he don't care? Would he ever care or regret what he put me through?


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  • Oh he cares and regrets, he's always going to put his best face forward in order to show that he doesn't care.

    He probably doesn't care right now but things would eventually catch up to him in due time, it won't happen when you want it to, it'll happen in it's on time and place.


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  • He likely would, yes, because he clearly did all of these things to control you. His behaviour demonstrated that he was very insecure and he felt that he could only keep you by crushing your spirit. If he let you feel confident and valuable then he wouldn't be worthy of YOU, that was his approach. I would bet money that he will regret having lost you because he will likely believes that not many people are capable of valuing and loving him.

    • He don't care if I stay or leave. He don't value me... He think I'm always talking to other guys, he say I'm easy. But if I'm so easy why am I still stuck on you for 2years and months... I do whatever he ask me to do

    • The only reason that he doesn't value you is because you he doesn't have to, you stay with him regardless of how he acts. He doesn't seem to care if you stay or go because he has no real fear that you will go. You are allowing him to act however he wants and telling him that you will be around no matter how crappy he is. So he is in a total comfort zone, knowing that he can continue to treat you like crap. This cycle will only be broken once you realise your own value and worth and you walk out of the door. Only then will he have the chance to regret taking you for granted for so long.

      You are worth so much more than to waste your life on someone who won't treat you like you deserve. You possibly feel like you love him or 'need' him but that is just your self esteem crying out for repair. When someone gives us security and then takes it away it can be like a fisherman reeling in a fish. We keep chasing that security that we once felt.

    • I always come back, I always try to fix everything, always giving him the power to control me. Then he gets mad if guys try to talk to me, He will tell me to move on then when I try too he make me feel like shit like I'm very unloyal and can't be trusted

  • why would you date a criminal, especially when he treats you like shit?

    • He was never like this we was friends before anything... He was a good kid when I met him in school, really smart, after high school he start hanging with these guys he no longer interested in school, all he wants to do smoke weed and sell

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    • Not trying to date at this moment. Over the dating scene

    • cool, well what ever you do best of luck.

  • Probably not.


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