Ex boyfriend... what does this mean?

So, I broke up with my ex around 2.5 years ago. Close to a year later, I tried to reconcile but he's in a relationship. Cool. So, I try to move forward, not contacting him or anything, but he contacted me every few months for no reason. Out of the blue, he calls and asks why I broke up with him if I felt so strongly about him. I explained again, and we left it alone. About 2 months ago, I called him and asked why he keeps contacting me, what does he want? His response verbatim was "Its just, we did a lot of things together, and it hurts.." He's still with said girl and says he's good with her. Fine... but guys, what does this mean? He can't possibly still be in love with me right? I figure maybe its just closure but I've explained it about 3 times now, and I'm done explaining... P. s. I don't wanna hear "he's an ex, why do you care, just move on yada yada." Please just answer the question... thanks...
Ex boyfriend... what does this mean?
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