What should I do about this guy I love?

Basically I love him to death and we were tight for awhile.He 's my best friend and I really want more(he knows I love him). He was always into drugs but I never really minded till now where that's all he talks about. He always gone from class he hardly ever talks to me anymore. I without a doubt love him, I mean seriously I wake up every morning afraid I'll get a call from his mom saying he's dead. He's really sexy and has chicks all over him so he never makes moves so I would have to but that's not the problem. The problem is he likes this one girl we'll call her Tori. What's funny is me and her are so alike in so many ways. but she's way not his type his a druggie she's really strict and goody. I'm goody too but not as bad as her. And he never told me he liked her I just figured it out myself. I mean seriously he put a note in her pocket then she read it and told her friend "i don't like him like that." at first I thought it was nothing then I realized the next week he talked to her and said " you never called me." and I realized oh he likes her.

But that's not all to make matters much worse there is another girl and I'll call her Bobby( hahaha). Bobby wasn't a druggie till recently and now she loves to brag about how cool the guy I love is.

Truly I don't get jealous and it really wouldn't bug me if he dated a girl that wasn't me. But if she dares hurt him in any way she's so dead. My other best friend (girl) is actually jealous for me she thinks he would be so much better with me and I agree.

I'm afraid I'll meet another guy and then the guy I love will get all mad because he lost his chance with me and I really don't want to hurt him.

But then every day I have to force myself to believe he care about me. Me and him used to be so close. I'm so afraid to talk to him and it's so impossible to get him sober and alone. What should I do! I'm so stuck!


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  • Sorry to say it, but you're in quicksand. Drugs can ruin his life and yours. Drugs are not cool. You're witnessing it first hand -- drugs ruining a relationship. I am not on an anti-drug crusade, but have seen what it can do.

    Get out while it's still safe.

  • This has all the earmarks of a real deadly drama.

    You'll always play second fiddle to the drugs; the girls are stupid to go after him.

    Until he goes to AA/NA and gets his head straightened out, you're only in for heartbreak.

    I'm really sorry to have to say this to you, but I've seen this happen before.

    • No it's cool. I've heard it before and I see it coming. but I don't know how to break it off so I wont. and what's sad is he used to go to AA/NA before

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