How should I get over him (If it needs be)?

We've never been together. We have been really close since spring 2015. I had a crush on him and I couldn't interpret his feelings. I thought I was over him for good. I haven't seen him in two months and it's been two months of great changes in my life, in which I met new interesting people and so I thought I was fine. Then I got an invitation to a party at his house (our fathers are like brothers). I went. He wasn't there at first and I have purposely avoided asking anything about it. Then he arrives, while I was deep in conversation. He noticed my new hair, said it looked good and then I just cut him and basically I haven't paid attention to him all night. I was supposed to sleep there and his father suffered I'd sleep in his room, so I ended up going home. And yet I'm still thinking about him as I haven't bee doing for some weeks now. What should I do?
How should I get over him (If it needs be)?
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