My ex mentioned that he still keeps my stuff, would that mean that he has some feelings left?

While texting the other day with my ex he mentioned that he still keeps some of my stuff (really trivial things like torn socks, hair accessories and something else not really worth keeping). I've previously told him to throw that stuff away, since it's pointless, but he refused and said that there is no way he is throwing my stuff away and prefers to keep them in a "safe" place.
Note that we broke up 11 months ago and we've been in a LDR for over a year. The breakup wasn't the nicest and he pretty much disappeared after. I do contact him from time to time and it's always me the one to text first.


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  • He's collecting small small bits and slowly slowly he's putting together a life size doll of you. All he needs now is some hair, teeth and tears.


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