I Miss Him?

Well I broke up with my boyfriend today on a message on MySpace. I didn't call because I already knew he'd just be like "man, stop calling my phone" and hang up in my face. So I didn't try calling.

for the curious people who want to know why we broke up :

i had got mad at him because I hate it when he calls me or ask me to call him and he's with his friends. I hate that because he pays more attention to his friends then me. so that day we were talking on MySpace and I asked him to come over and like an hour later he didn't show up so I messaged him and asked why didn't he come and he said because his friend made him stay. so I was already mad at him for not even calling or messaging to tell me that he wasn't coming. so he told me to call him, I called and he was at his friends house (like usual) so I was like "lemme hang up since your with your friends and whatever" & he kept saying no no. so I stayed on the line not saying a word. every time he'd say hello I'd get madder and madder. and he'd ask was wrong and I'd say nothing. So after like 15 minutes he was like "alright I'll let you go now" and as soon as he said that I hung up. and he called back 2 minutes later talking about how that p*ssed him off and stuff because he wanted to say more stuff. at that point I just wanted to go to sleep. the next day, I thought everything was fine between us so I called him and up and asked him if he wanted to come with me to McDonald's. and he said no since you wanna act mad and stuff and hung up. I called him a min later and he said stop calling my phone and hung up. I called him right after that to ask what was his deal but he said if you call my phone again I'm a shoot you. so after that I like was whatever forget his dude. I messaged him on MySpace because that's the only way I can talk to him without him cutting me off. so I said what's your problem and he said man leave me alone. so I said whatever talk to me when you get your mind right. 6 days passed. and he hadn't called or messaged me. so I messaged him. and he was still acting like a butt so I sent him a message saying.

"whatever errol. idgaf anymore. you know what, I waited 6 days for you to say SOMETHING, ANYTHING, 6 days I waited, thinking about you non-stop, wondering if you where thinking about me too, questioning if you were worth it to me but when I do get you to say something you make up some shxt to have an excuse not to talk. These 6 days gave me a lot to think about & the only thing I have to say now is that I hope you find a girl out there that will put up with yo bullshxt. I'm done with you playing games with me. now I see what an a**hole you are, and how much you don't appreciate me. but none of that matters now. cause I'm over it."

but like 5 hours later I'm missing him and starting to regret is this normal and how do I cope with my feelings of regret ?
Me & him are back together. And stronger then ever. We put all the bullshxt in the past. Everything is great between us now


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  • Its normal to regret because you cared for him. I was in a similiar boat. My X started taking me for granted and wasn't making me happy. If I would say something he would be like this is how I am, if you want to continue then stay if not then move on... one day I got p*ssed and said you know I want to end it because what's the point. As soon as I ended it I felt so lonely and hurt. I knw how you feel and it will get easier if you keep no contact with him. But you have to be strong because their will be days where all you want to say is hi to him because you still feel for him no matter what he done or said to you. Tip- keep on repeating in your head something that he said or did that really hurt you. Remember the pain and the rejection that you felt and you will not want to contact him because you will say its not worth it. He doesn't care for me as I care for him and that I can do much better... Hope this helps.

    • Tx awarding me the best answer. How you doing by the way?

    • Glad to hear :)

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  • I think you did a good job of telling him stop playing games with u...Because as I see it he is..Idk what's his deal with him communicating with his friends more than he dose with u..I'm very surprised you stayed with him this long but it seems like you really love him..Past the bullcrap and stuff he might be a good person..Eventually..But he has to learn. He is goanna relilze that he messed up big time..And have missed out on a wonderful girl I bet..An he DON'T appreciate u. An you shouldn't regret..U did the right thing..


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