What does it mean when he says " I just wanna be friends for now"?

ok so there's this guy I use to talk to n I actually met him online. We live in the same state n we're like 10-20 minutes away from each other. Before we started dating, we discussed a lot about our personalities and stuff we like to do. We basically got to know each other before things got too serious. We talked for about a week and on the first of October he asked me to be his girlfriend and ofc I said said yes. So 3-4 weeks later he told his cousin/brother to text me and to tell me that me n "Chris" (the guy I was dating) should stop talking n to break up, and so I said " I don't need you to text me and tell me all that non sense, if he wants to break up, he can tell me himself". So I texted Chris and I confronted him and all he did was read my messages but never reply. So weeks later he texted me and gave me a bunch of bullshit ass reasons why he wanted to break it off...
Reason 1: Distance
Reason 2: Rumors about me cheating on him
so what I did was, I asked him and he said he just wanted to be friends...
So my question is but for what reason? I treated him good.. We were doing so good.. We never argued and I never cheated on him...
What does it mean when he says " I just wanna be friends for now"?
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