What's the best way to get back with an ex boyfriend?

What's the best way when you feel like things aren't completely done...

Should I stay friends, see him and act flirty, let's say like the first dates?

Should I tell him directly how i feel about the situation, and how I wish we would start back to zero ?

Or should I just stop contacting and cut all communications, telling him staying friends is hard for the moment?

I would really appreciate some guys advice on how they see this...but anyone's advice is welcome really!


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  • Talk to him. What most girls do wrong they don't talk the assume. I had This experience ones. I went out with this girl that I liked VERY VERY much and everything was good but when I kissed her in my mind I kissed her passionately and I didn't want to give her any ideas that I'm interested only in sex. BUT she assumed that I was only dating her for that and she cut off every connection with me and never talked to me because she only ASSUMED. You have to talk to him tell him how you feel and what you want tell him you really want to make thing work.

    • That is so true, we are guilty of doing that a lot of times... and it was one of the things he was mad at me about.. he said I would always say "you are or you do", asuming something instead of asking and getting the truth...

    • See :) talk please!!! and you will get every answer for your every question, NO Government Bull Shit and Conspiracy. Good Luck

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  • have a talk with him, ask him what he feels. does he see you guys back together? does he still like/love you and if so why be away form each other? if he honestly doesn't want to be with you, tell him its hard and you and would rathar just take a few weeks to yourself without talking and then after the few weeks talk again see how you both feel. I know how this feels, I was in a 3 1/2 year relationship...took me a few weeks just to get out and do things, it hurts..best thing to do is keep yourself occupied, I still love her to this day 8 months later but not in the same way I'm glad we broke up because I cannot see myself with her ever again and she's changed so much. it's going to be hard at first but you know what they say, time heals everything...like I said...hang with friends do things to keep you busy etc...hope this helps

    • Yeah I will talk to him, at least my head is gonna be clear! thanks for the advice, hopefully he still sees a future in us! if not than I will wait for time to heal :)

    • Wish you the best!

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  • Tell him the truthh! Its worse to keep things inside trust me, and if you don't just tell him you might regret not doing it after. Its worth a try! He could even like you still also... You never know unless you try


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