How do you get the other person to end it?

i have a reputation for breaking up with every girl I date. I want to end it with a girl, but I want her to end it so people disclaim my reputation. any advice on how to get her to break up with me first?


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  • It's questions like this that make me doubt the opposite sex! While I don't know the details of your relationship, it really doesn't matter. If you two are involved, she's human, don't you think she deserves the truth? If the roles were reversed, you wouldn't want to be done wrong would you?

    I would say if you typically do break it off first, then don't get involved for the get go. Just be honest with the girl up front and tell her it's casual or non-commited. It's ok to be picky and not waste a girl's time, just do it the right way.


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  • Well, the only way to get her to break up with you is to make her dislike you... so you can cheat, but then you'll be labeled as a cheater. you can be a jerk, but'll be labeled as a jerk.

    You can kinda break up with her by gradually breaking off the connection, like ignoring texts or her calls, speaking briefly when you're face-to-face.

    But honestly? Having ONE girl break up with you may not (probably will not) "disprove" your reputation. Sorry.

  • Advice:

    1. Be an Asshole, girls hate that crap.

    2. Take about other women and how attractive they are. ( she might leave)

    3. Don't spend that much time with her, don't pick up the phone either.

    Basicly, do things to annoy and bother, they will definately leave first.

    I hope, if not...

    you got yourself a girl who is down for you... maybe you should stay :)


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  • If she really likes you, any method you try will lead to her being extremely p*ssed off at you. She'll know you won't be being yourself. As if she can't believe the stuff you're doing. The best method here would be "act boring", but the thing is if she really likes you, you'll NEVER be boring. If you do something she doesn't like, she'll tell you about it. If you keep on doing it again, rather than dumping you, she'll just get p*ssed at you. If you act like you don't want to have sex, she'll eventually understand, but after a while she'll start to get p*ssed off as well.

    I've never dated before, but here's something I regret to inform that basically drives women away 99% of the time - act EXTREMELY clingy, do everything she tells you, always get her to have her way. Make sure you do it in a loving way though, or she'll think you're messing around. Sounds weird, but you'll see that this kind of behaviour makes them completely unattracted to us.

    Personally I think you should just go ahead and break up with her. So what if you have a reputation? Should make you think twice next time before you pick someone to go out with.

  • You deserve the reputation, why hide what you are. be a f*cking man and don't put a girl thru more pain by treating her more badly then you already are.


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