Does my ex still care and could we be just friends?

We broke up because he doesn't want a relationship. He is an eternal bachelor, but not in the way that he meets lots of girls, just that he likes his own company and time. He asked to go for a drink recently. We have slept together 3 times now since we broke up months ago. I gave him back some of his stuff and he was asking how my family are, and saying that it is strange looking at my face, because it feels familiar. He wanted to cuddle and hold my hand and was kissing me on the forehead when we were on the sofa. He kept saying this is nice. He said it's sad. He told me now I've brought him his stuff, there's no excuse to see each other now, so he joked he would put something of his in my bag. He also wanted to give me his shirt I slept in, and said he would make me something for Christmas. He also says that we should go back to one of the places we went on a date, but I don't get it. He doesn't want a relationship, so why is he saying that?


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What Guys Said 1

  • well i;m like that. i want my solitude. but some times. some femalee affection and closeness is nice. not too often though. i need to dwell in my manly cave of introspection and solitude most of the time... .

    • his solitude sounds a bit worrying though. maybe his sanity slowly goes downhill. maybe he contemplates suicide... .

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  • Ask him, sounds to me he likes the comfort when it's cnvenient and doesn't want invest in a relationship.

    Great if you are into that kind of deal, but not so great for you if you want a relationship. If you want a relationship, either put your foot down and have him explain himself or just walk away.


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