Did I make the right choice to make him leave?

It's been almost week since I kicked my boyfriend out, and in that time I found out his kid's mother had another baby. I have found multiple female numbers in his phone, and held conversations with some of the females. It seems silly to describe things like this and ask this question, but will boys be boys?


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  • Not always but women bear some of the responsibility for being so fucking gullible. There's always red flags that are mostly ignored until it's so bad they can't be ignored anymore. Women also are so quick to make up with an ex and be gullible and na├»ve all over again and again and again

  • What kinds of conversations? If you think that people will stop talking to the opposite sex, you might as well never date again

    • They did all say they didn't have sex, but they were all more than friends. He was selling himself as single.

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