My boyfriend is so arrogant, do I leave him?

Back story: my boyfriend is known to be a little cocky and arrogant. I love his confidence its one reason i fell for him i have never loved his cocky or arrogant side. Its pops its face up every once in a while and I used to get pissed and have all these fights but i always lose. I am the opposite, super humble, very caring and very respectful person almost a little too nice.

What Happened:
Yesterday I drive to my boyfriend. he tells me he got written up at work. He said it was his 3rd one,(they fire u). I start to freak. He says they wrote him up ab parking. He knows he can't park in certain areas. He tells his boss, u can't tell me where to park etc... the hr lady says u can't talk to him like that: he says why not he ain't my daddy. You need my autograph? i would never never talk to my boss like that. Given his boss is a total jerk/idiot. I say you can't talk to ur boss like that he is going to fire you and your suppose to be putting ur two weeks in this week, he told him oh by the way i am putting in my two weeks, the hr and boss were shocked bc he is a pretty big part of their program.. he says "yeah he thought he was the sh** but he is my little b****. Are you serious no one is anyones little B. Dont ever say that! I am so furious, that he would act and like that. He is being cocky i can talk to them any way i want to blah blah blah. At this point I am pissed I dont want to even be around him... so I say to be honest I am EMBARRASSED by the way you acted at work... He was pissed... he told me who the f*** are u to tell me what to do. I leave and go straight home. He ignores me all day and night he comes over for our family party... he still mad and he is saying my opinion doesn't matter, he isn't sorry and he doesn't care what i think. instead of staying and hanging out he leaves after the party. Mind u I said sorry 2 times today and once yesterday, even though i see no wrong I felt bad...

What do I do:
Am i wrong? is he wrong? do i need to leave him? He won't say sorry


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  • How long did you date before becoming his boyfriend? I don't fathom why girls don't get to actually know guys before committing to them. Is talking/observing too much work anymore?

    • we have been dating for 3 years we went out for 3 months before becoming official

    • And you had no idea he was this arrogant in those 3 months?

  • At least he gets the girl, i get none because i'm submissive and have no confidence, sorry girls, it's not my fault, i was born this way.


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