Will and when my ex actually come back?

so I'll try to abbreviate as much as possible, girlfriend cheated on me and the relationship got weird. We agreed we needed some time off and once we discussed again where it was going it was clear to me she wasn't fully invested and needed some time and I walked out and broke it off saying she could come back when she's ready and try again.

since then I've been an idiot trying to get her attention back etc etc. I seem pathetic to her right now but the other night she called drunk and said she loved me and wanted to take me back. I got a hold of her today and asked if she meant what she said. She said she really cares about me and is thinking about taking me back.

So I realize a lot of people will tell me ditch her altogether and most will say if she says she'll come back she will. But do you really think so? She obviously is a little precocious which is fine I am too. I think I need to stop contacting her all together and see if she comes back. I won't just wait for her but I've decided tonight I will not contact her again no matter how bad I want cuz I said ode give her the space she needs. How long do you guys think it'll be till she comes back if you think she even will.

All comments are welcome. Be as nasty as u want
Will and when my ex actually come back?
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