How can I get him to be more trustworthy?

I know that I am trying to change him...

I can't trust him and this is driving me nuts.
I can't trust him to be a good person who has my happiness in mind.

If he does something wrong, how can I make him pay for it?

For example, he doesn't pay the bills. I ended up paying for it.

He doesn't take good care of the kids. Kids get sick, kids end up at the hospital for weeks. I ended up with burdening it all.

He has this idgaf attitude and it's driving me nuts.

I can't depend on him for anything.
Nothing. I feel like I have to do everything.
Money, kids, house, our relationship... he doesn't give a flying hoot.

And if things go wrong because of him, he just blames me.

I really am going nuts
He doesn't take any responsibility. I have to clean up his dirty mess.

My sanity is going out the window.


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  • I wouldn't recommend punishing, i'd recommend communicating. Plus saying "how can i make him pay for it" isn't exactly an optimistic look. coupled with the fact that you are trying to MAKE him some kinda way...
    this is what you hooked up with... so deal with it.
    sigh... luckily for you, im pretty good at manipulation... i can tell you what to do to make something (not him) happen. Message me, i'll let you know. if not, well good luck. i don't really write intense things in public.


Most Helpful Girl

  • yeah break up. I see no hope

    • Thank you for answering...

    • You chose to date him. and now you want to change him... no, just walk away and find better

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  • his idgaf attitude is what attracted you in the first place. its your self and desires that you should change... . people shouldn't marry and have children so irresponsibly... .

  • Red flags everywhere - Throw him out and get legally sanctioned support for you and the kids so he has to pay it.

  • Leave him


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