How can I get him to be more trustworthy?

I know that I am trying to change him...

I can't trust him and this is driving me nuts.
I can't trust him to be a good person who has my happiness in mind.

If he does something wrong, how can I make him pay for it?

For example, he doesn't pay the bills. I ended up paying for it.

He doesn't take good care of the kids. Kids get sick, kids end up at the hospital for weeks. I ended up with burdening it all.

He has this idgaf attitude and it's driving me nuts.

I can't depend on him for anything.
Nothing. I feel like I have to do everything.
Money, kids, house, our relationship... he doesn't give a flying hoot.

And if things go wrong because of him, he just blames me.

I really am going nuts
He doesn't take any responsibility. I have to clean up his dirty mess.

My sanity is going out the window.
How can I get him to be more trustworthy?
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