Going through a heart break again?

actually I was in a relationship with a guy for 2years he cheated n I left him.. after 7months I accepted a guy'a proposal who behind me for about 5months.. I even hugged n kissed him (cheeks) wen I accepted it.. but he said he got committed with some other gal bcz of some problems.. after that 4months after my best friend cheated me for my another best friend (guy) she ditched me by saying wrong about me to him.. Then after I'm getting to kno this I stopped talking to her.. n he said he loves he was even my crush.. so after lots of problems I accepted him but then now he is saying he was committed with my best friend and he broke up he cried wen he said this to me.. v even kissed each other and he didn't say this to me. . I was really in love with him n so as he.. he cared me a lot.. but after knowing this I completely said I can't be in relationship with him.. what I did was right or wrong? I feel like I'm alone being ditched by people often..


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  • I'm sorry but you need to get yourself together stop with this drama. Love hurts and it sucks so bad going through it over and over. Take a break, surround yourself with people that will lift you up and leave these guys who's insecure alone.

    • I'm jus hopeless about my life.. whom to believe n not to

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  • What you did wasn't wrong, but you need to move on! It takes time but one day you'll find someone who respects, cares, and loves you and is willing to commit to you and you only xx

    • do I sound like a bitch being in relationship twice kissing.. I'm feeling very low now

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