Is There A Chance I Get Her Back?

Short Explanation.

Dated a girl for 2 months. About 1 month of it was a relationship. Always smiling when together. No signs of anything until past few days. We have been extremely close. Probably moving too fast, but not wanting to slow down. We were seeing each other every other day. We just hung out for 2 days in a row with each other. We both seemed to have a great time. The last time i saw her it ended with sex (which was normal) cuddling, and then she went home late at night.

Next day she is talking to me about how she was having a hard time "connecting" or "Opening" up to me. I was thrown off by a huge curveball here, I thought things were going great and SLAM I am hit with this. Naturally I reacted telling her It was still a little early to me. I want to open up to her, I sense a connection with her and left it at that. Day after, we talked, not about the convo the night before. I asked to come over and she didn't think it was a good idea. We talked the next night. A lot of the same stuff was said. I told her it sounded like her mind was already made up. Sounded like there was nothing I could do to change it. I didn't want to stay friends with her, never thought of her as a friend and I politely ended the conversation with me hanging up.

I've been going NC since I H/U on her. Will continue to do so even though I want to know what she's up to... In conclusion... Is this normal? Does this happen to couples who move fast and need to slow down a bit to see if its worth it? I promise when I say I am going NC I mean it, but 70% of me is going NC because I want her back and not necessarily to move on. I guess if I go the 30 days and she doesn't say anything to me, she really didn't care. Thats closure enough, but I want to know if anyone has a success story from the NC rule or if that 70% is for nothing.
Is There A Chance I Get Her Back?
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