My girlfriend is partying too much, what should I do?

She is partying like 2 days a week, usually coming home very late in the morning. She has been with a good amounts of guys so far in her life even though she says her past doesn't matter.. She says That she is partying to have fun with her girls and I said fair enough, but why do you have to drink and dance around guys? I catched her writing with an ex boyfriend sending winky faces, I caught her writing with an ex flirt, I caught her touching a guy on the thigh in town, i caught her drinking Wine with two guys late at Night (not friends just randoms) and she didn't want me to know, i caught her flirt with 3 guys on the dancefloor... On top on top of that she says im too controlling when I tell her to party less. And she is asking for more time "alone" Her past isn't good She had Threathened with breakups 3 times because i argue with her about all this, i was in town drinking with her and she touched a guy to make me "jealous". What should i do, can i trust someone like this?
+1 y
I just feel like she doesn't care about my opinions on anything.
And she is gradually getting less and less loving and caring towards me..
She tells me I'm paranoid but I don't think that is the case
My girlfriend is partying too much, what should I do?
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