How can I get rid of the anger I have towards my ex boyfriend and move on?

So I was dating a guy for a few months he ended things with me but we ended up hooking up a couple times after and he was telling me how he missed me and stuff. The last time we talked we had a huge argument and i told him he never had to worry about me again I deleted him on Facebook and we stopped all communication for close to a month. In that time I thought about him literally everyday, checking his snapchat/Facebook through other friends pages. There was literally not a day that went buy when I didn't think about him. Towards the end I started to realize how much of an asshole he really was and I knew I deserved better but I still couldn't let go of him I didn't want to be with him but I still wanted him and still felt pain thinking about us ending. I would wake up at 5am feeling pain in my heart (5am is usually the time he would get up for work and I use to always sleep over at his house). Recently after a month of no seeing each other I saw him out I was drunk he wasn't but was drinking we got a little flirtatious made plans for me to go over to his house later that night that he ended up cancelling last mintue with no real reason. I haven't spoken to him sense, I don't want to be with him or at least I think I don't and I know I shouldn't but I still want him to feel the same pain I feel. I cut one of his tires hopeing that it would make me feel better and piss him off but I don't know if he's even noticed his flat or realizes/thinks it was me and I can't lie it did make me feel a little better but not a lot! I know it was wrong and stupid too how can I let go of the anger I have over being hurt again and stop obsessing over my ex?
How can I get rid of the anger I have towards my ex boyfriend and move on?
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