How to get rid of feelings?

I really love this boy but he was my frnds ex.. n my frnd ditched me.. he said they were committed oly after v got committed for 4days n he even kissed me hugged me.. I said I can't be in relationship with my Frnd's ex.. he said he didn't say me this because he tot i would leave him.. I'm dying now.. what shld I even do?


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  • Okay, if he's your friends ex and there was a good reason they broke up ie. he mistreated her, manipulated her etc. then it's probably a good idea to stay away from him. Refocus your attention on to things you enjoy doing and give yourself a project/goal of some sort. Feelings change all the time and after you've spent a certain amount of time away from him, you'll realise you start to feel like yourself again. Whatever you do *don't* shut yourself away from other people. Hang out with friends you trust or join a group of something you enjoy where you have a chance to make new ones.

    BUT if he and your friend *didn't* break up because of anything bad and you want to date him and he wants to date you, go for it. Like I said, feelings will change over time and if your friend has time to get over him and realises you still care about her, she'll get over it. It's never a good idea to chase someone elses guy or to allow a guy in a relationship to chase you but if they're not in a relationship, they're not in a relationship. I hope things work out for you.

    • actually they both were my best friends.. when they both got committed the hid it from.. even thr were so many problems that he said he don't want her n she still needs him.. I stopped talking to her because she ditched me..

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    • Well, give yourself some time. Don't commit to dating him or not dating him, just get to know him a bit and ask yourself, 'do I even *want* a boyfriend at the moment?' Maybe you just want a friend.

    • Mmmm..:) thanks

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  • date someone

  • Try hypnosis or hypnotherapy and see if that can clear your memories and desires for him. Other than that, unless you get amnesia somehow, you'll always remember that person you have a huge crush on and have trouble letting go of them.


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