Ever gotten text dumped with explanation after LTR (1+yr)?

My ex dumped me via text with no explanation. Just said we were done. Together 2 years. He won't talk to me. We had an argument earlier in the day about moving in together , but we resolved it and talked about moving in at a later date. He was even talking about us buying a home.
Before i left, i made sure we were good, he said that we were great and how much he loved me. several hrs later dumped. No communication since then (3 weeks) i am at a loss.
Anyone ever go through this? how did you cope? i feel so betrayed.


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  • I'm very sorry. I can imagine how hurt you are.

    I was in a LDR for a year and a half. We always got on well and were able to resolve any issues. He ended it just out the blue. We don't have contact now. I miss him so much.

    It took me a long time to accpet it was over. He was part of my life everyday, because we'd chat via video and text everyday.

    I was prepared to uproot and sacrifice my friends , family and job to be with him.

    I just try focus on how thankful I am that I didn't give up everything to be with him , and then him end it once I was settled there with him. That would have been too much for me to deal with

    I guess it's taught me that a LDR's are not right for me.

    The most painful goodbyes are the unspoken and unexplained ones. You don't get the closure you need. Your pain will ease in time though.

    • He too was apart of my daily life with sweet daily texts and all that. We saw each frequently and we did so much together (even our 2 kids got along and we had a great time.)
      I don't know what went wrong. Feel like ill be asking for the rest of my life. I won't be able to trust again.
      Before him i had been in a relationship where i was cheated on pretty much the whole time, took me 3 years to learn to trust again and then i met my guy, he was so different and loving... only now this. Im feelimg like garbage tossed aside because after all the time we spent together i deserved better than what he gave me in the end. God so heaetless.

    • I'm so sorry 😞 trusting someone is the most difficult challenge we face. Hearts heal. , but there's always a void in your life from missing a certain person.

      I've realised all the trust I need is to trust in myself... to trust in my own strength, so if a relationship fails I'll get through it despite the pain. No one can guarantee they'll never hurt you or leave you, so in the end we all we have is ourselves.

      Loving someone can come at a great cost. At times I wonder if anyone is worth that risk

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  • Yep... it blows.

  • Happened to me, except we fought a month earlier and were nearly 3 years together. It was a dick move in my opinion. At least she could do it in person after 3 years.

    • Right? My ex and I never fought and this was a very rare argument and then he dumps me over text without reason. Its a cowards way out.

    • Same here. It was our first argument in about a year. And it wasn't even serious argument. I dont believe it was the reason, but it really is stupid to leave somebody you've been with for 3 years over text.

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