The BEST way to move on from a bad break up?

Hey Everyone,

First off thank you to everyone who answered my question at my previous posts. It really helped me a lot to understand what is going on and get back in the game.

Recently, I was researching why she broke up with me in a bad way - We are senior in high school and we attend to different boarding school. We had an awesome summer, but when we got back from school we had an argument in Skype about seeing her or not. She told me we are taking a break (and I took it literally) and when I texted her on her b-day, her best friend told me to not contact her anymore. Her friend told me how she was not ready to make a commitment, but what I wanted was my ex's confrontation.

Basically, the research gave me an idea that She "Ghosted" me. Ghosting means one person suddenly disappears and stops contacting the partner. This usually happens because he/she doesn't want to hurt partner's feelings so they just back off. Another psychological thing is they get afraid telling the break up so they just disappear like nothing happened.
Because of this terrible break up, I got a huge scar on my heart and it made not to trust anyone. So I really need everyone's help - WHAT SHOULD I DO & HOW CAN I CLEARLY MOVE ON?

Also, it will great what you guys think about ghosting - Women and men - Why do people do this?

Any question, please let me know.

The BEST way to move on from a bad break up?
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