What is going on? mixed signals? do I contact?

Im 31 and my ex 28, been broke up for almost 3 months. Tried getting her back and talked for a week about 1.5 month ago. The problem was she was crushing on a guy and it ruined our relationship. They are still seeing each other. We we were in a wedding at the end of October and afterwards she texted me sorry to bother you, had a bad day but seen a past card you gave me and wanted to say you looked great and had fun at the dinner and party bus (when her new guy was not around). I simply replied, sorry to hear you had a bad day, but thanks for the compliment, glad you had a good time. Mean time a group of is went out and I brought two girls along and a pic was put on social media. Nothing crazy a group shot. So last week, a week after first text, the night before I leave for vacation (we had planned with a group of our friends and my family) she text me have fun in ^^^ Miss you like crazy. I simply did not respond. When arriving to the destination a good friend said a mutual friend of ours told him the rumor was the girls I brought out were fake and either paid for or forced to go. Un real. I laughed it off. I known the one girl for years and the other was her friend. My ex and her new guy used her ticket and went on vacation else where. I truly don't know why my ex doesn't let things be, and Im not sure what to think of all of it. I truly care bout her still for some odd reason, but its hard to believe that she would be that evil to someone after 3 years of being together. Thoughts?
THank you!
What is going on? mixed signals? do I contact?
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