If your significant other was dating someone else and didn't tell you until AFTER you broke up with him or her how would you react?

  • Would force him/her to break up with the third person
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  • I would wallow in self pity.
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  • Are you saying he was cheating on me and told me that fact after we broke up? I'd probably key a dick on his car tbh.

    • This question was modeled after an actual experience that happened to me. I met a girl online who lived in the area and right after we made plans to meet in person (three days later!) she told me that she was only dating me to get the attention her boyfriend wasn't giving her

    • Oh... well three days... yeah I'd just forget about it and move on. She's clearly crazy and you've got better things to worry about.

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  • Id feel betrayed.
    But there wouldn't be much to do since we weren't together anymore.

  • Okay, wait... so while he was dating this person, was he also dating me? And then didn't tell me about it until after WE broke up?

    • Yep, pretty much

    • Well, first off I wouldn't pick any of the two choices. He pretty much cheated on me during our relationship. Regardless if I did or didn't find out about the other person he dated during our relationship, we are already over. Us is done; there's nothing to go back to, so the option of forcing him and the other person to break up is stupid and pointless. It's like trying to get revenge on something that is a waste of time. I cannot allow myself to do something so lame and hurtful to someone who is already such a waste of time to me.

      And secondly, I would not allow myself to be hurt or "wallow in self pity", because clearly we broke up for different reasons. With that being said, there was already something that causing the problem, which proved that the relationship couldn't work. Finding out he cheated on me only gives me more of a reason to be happy that I'm not with an asshole anymore and that I can find someone who will be faithful.

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