False hopes 4 months post break up?


Example 1: In September, he asked me to get out of his life and never ever contact him again. 3 days later in October, he contacted me talking about those happy times we had when we were together. He said "Remember how we used to fight over who to pour the creamer? Maybe we were too happy and forgot about time"

Example 2: In October, he said "My loyalty was genuine but you doubt me everytime. If I wanted to cheat I would have done long ago"

Example 3: In October, spoke about my lost couple ring. He said "Next time make again. You keep it okay?"

Example 4: In late October, he said "Serious question, if I asked you back would you?" I replied saying I will try if he's willing to try again and he left things hanging there. So I asked him the same question 2 days later and he said "No I wouldn't come back and If I've regretted I would've come back long ago"

Example 5: Bumped into him on the streets 3 days ago, he unblocked me and said "My reason for unblocking was to ask if you're fine. I saw that expression earlier. It broke my heart to see you being happy to have seen me yet unable to do anything, only to force out that small grin"

Example 6: We talked yesterday over telegram. He said "After so long, it's still so fun talking to you" but then edited the message the next moment to something random.

My ex keep coming back and forth. I still love him but he doesn't want me back anymore. What is his intention of doing this?
False hopes 4 months post break up?
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