What goes through a guys head when ending a relationship due to long distance?

My boyfriend recently ended our relationship due to him moving away for 4 months. He told me a week later that he misses me and that his feelings for me haven't changed. Even though he told me this, he still doesn't want to do long distance for 4 months. What would be going through his head and how would he be feeling as i am confused and he has been sending me such mixed signals. And why is he so against attempting a long distance relationship for only 4 months?


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  • I think he wants to be free to date around and see what's out there. The thing is, from your age posted, you two are really young. You both are at a point in your lives when you have nearly unlimited options right now when it comes to dating. I actually think you should be happy that he's so straightforward with it as many guys would just go out and date/flirt without telling you but instead, he's making it a point to release you so that he can go do his thing.


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  • Im in the same situation, we did 6 months long distance and he wasn't coping with it but in the 2 months we've been broken up he's been the same. I still dont really get it but know you're not the only one! I believe his feelings for me are genuine


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