GUYS - Can you act this way with your ex without feelings?

- ask her to lie against you on the sofa & say it's so nice. It's scary. (I assume he means how normal it feels)? Stroking her face & smell her hair. Hold her hand
- tell her she can keep your shirt
- tell her you're going to give the thing that you're making to her for Christmas
- cuddle through the night
- remind her about things you did when you were dating

And you still have her rose body cream by your shower when you haven't been together for months. He even moved it when he changed flat upstairs.

I just want to know if he has feelings or just that's how guys can be without caring at all, because I don't want my head to get messed up and to try move on. We split up mutually because he doesn't feel he has anything to bring to a relationship. We're not seeing other people. He is a loner type.


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  • I don't know if he has feelings for you but I know he's not treating you like a normal friend (yet again, men don't be-friend women who they are not into)


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't know how anybody could act like this without having feelings, it's really cute


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