I need help on getting my ex boyfriend back? Tell me what you think of this message?

"Ik that we this is our second time breaking up but I literally cannot stop thinking about you. And yes I want you back. I don't know what it is but I feel some sort of attachment to you and to us and what we have. Idc that you're younger or what anyone has to say about you... Cause ik you.
I have a lot of work to do honestly... and lots of times I have a hard time expressing my feelings because of the relationship I had with my parents... Especially my mom. We used to argue a lot about petty stuff and if we would've talked everything out our relationship would've been better... But instead I left her and moved here which I regret sometimes but not so much cause ofc I met you 😉. Anyways you get my point. When we broke up the first time it was my fault but then I basically begged you to take me back and you did. I absolutely love that you are so patient and forgiving.
When I saw that comment I felt hurt cause I'm thinking: why is my guy commenting emojis that insinuate his attraction towards her on her pictures? I just wanted you to be all about me but I'm not tryna come off as controlling. I respected you and what we had so I would never comment flirty stuff under guy's picture when I already have someone. So yeah that hurt me a lot. I agree that this could've been avoided if I just talked It out to you and would've been straight up with you from the jump. I'm letting go of my pride to try to make us work once again because I have strong feelings for you and you mean a lot to me. I have work to do like seriously but if you don't wanna get back together then I understand and I'll leave you alone and we can part ways for good. Or if you wanna take a break or be friends first that's fine. I just had to get this off of my chest because I miss us."

My friends think it's a really bad idea... But it's from the heart.


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  • If you want this guy back looking "weak" may be a good thing.

  • I dont really now what to say. You can try to maybe take him back. But who broke up with who?

    • I broke up with him over the comment issue I speak about in the message.

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    • Okay thank you

    • yeah no problem

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