Why does my ex keep looking at me and making eye contact with sad eyes when I'm not looking?

We started dating in the summer but I then broke it off when I realised that he was talking with another girl just like he was to me. He told me that he blocked her everywhere and that he really loved me and that he was sorry and we could try again and I passed on the opportunity. One month after he says that he is sorry and that he still loves and that maybe he could have a second chance and I agreed. After that he started playing with my feelings and saying that he wanted to wait cus he wasn't ready. After 3 weeks he's says that he doesn't want to try again so I accept and move on but everytime that im not looking, he stares at me and when I turn around we always make a 5 second eye contact then he looks that with sadness in his eyes. But he told me that he has a new girl and that she's amazing and everything but he always looks at me. I just want answers cus it hurts when we look at each other.


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  • He knows he fucked up. Picked the wrong girl. Guaranteed.

    • So he's regretting breaking it off with me, basically?

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    • It's a hard one without seeing the look on his face myself. I guess as long as he doesn't say otherwise you don't really know if he's happy. It's a hard one.

    • Did you try to move on?

  • Does this really require an answer?

    • Well yeah cus he has an "amazing" girl apparently so why does he keep looking at me like that?

    • Humans are not simple beasts. He longs for you regardless of your replacement because emotions are not simply on and off.

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