Ways to get your ex back?

What are some effective ways of getting your ex back


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  • None... guys move on.. the issues that caused the breakup will still be there.


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  • Don't bother, find a new guy. Less difficult, less heartache and headache, and you learn from it.


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  • Who dumped who?

    • He dumped me

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    • Honestly? I didn't find "the one" since her. I didn't. I did find a few girls that were better than her though. They just didn't work out. Think about it. I found girls that didn't work out and yet I still thought they were better. You would be surprised what is waiting for you out there. Just give it time. You're a young girl. He will come. Trust me. Keep your options open. Don't dwell on him. Again you don't want anyone who questions whether or not he may regret you. That's not for you.

    • Yeah it's hard thank you, he didn't mean he'll regret he meant that he didn't want to make a decision he'd regret like as if he'd regret dumping me or not

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