Should I send my ex a gift?

My ex dumped me almost a month ago. We haven't spoken much since then. Our break-up was unexpected for me. He has commitment issues as far he wasn't ready to move forward and instead of realizing this, i pushed too hard to where he decided it was over.
But even that day he told me he loved me very much. Im giving him his space.
But before this, i asked him what he wants for Christmas and he wanted me to make a photo book of everything weve done this yr (i made him one last yr too).
I was in the process of making it when we split. Should i still send it to him?


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  • I think you should. It shows you're the bigger person and that you remember what he wanted. It might even bring back feelings for him seeing how happy you once were. You have nothing left to lose!


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  • No. Sounds like waste of time.

  • No, you're ex's


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