What do people from 18 - 24 mean when they say they have feelings for someone?

Do people ever say this when they do not mean it?


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  • I don't think you can generalise it for all people from 18-24.

    It depends how mature someone is.

    Of course there will be some people who say it although

    they don't mean it. In EVERY age class.

    • Well what does it typiaclly mean?

      I only gave it a age specification because , people usually qualify things by age when they respond, & I happen to be dealing with people in this age range, so I just wondered, but I would still like to know generally, f someone ays that to a person they have known for three years..



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    • Oh. Ok, thanks that was helpful.. Yeah I prefer NOT to write it because I do not get to see his reaction..

      Only problem is I do not know how to tell him in person & be sure I say it properly or I don't flake out, & knowing me ill keep trying to explain each thing or I'l forget- I don't know I don't want this to be complicated... Hmm what do you usually say to someone when you like them?

      When we went out years ago, he didn't say anything he kisse

    • I talk about everything that comes to my mind

      cos that's the best you can do.

      Doesn't sound made up and simply cute

      cos he will feel then that all ur thoughts about him

      make you crazy :)

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