Break up advice?

Yes, my girlfriend broke up with me a couple days ago. Yes I was very upset but it wasn't that bad after a couple days. The weekend before the event, we hung out downtown with our friends after my big meet. All the other couples were together and having a good time but she didn't seem that interested. I decided to separate myself from the group because I needed to think about the situation before I act, plus I wanted to see if she actually came over to join me. But she never did. I didn't really want this to continue but I didn't want to break her heart by breaking up with her. But I knew that there was a possibility that she would break up with me. l knew it was coming but I wasn't prepared.

Then a couple days after that, it happened and I was shocked at first. I came to realize that it wasn't mainly because of me. She was really stressed out and needed some space but she did point out what I did wrong which was going a bit fast. That was it, over all we got along very well and we both had fun. Everyone thought we would last a while and everyone was shocked as well. Plus, we were both in the same friend group so that has some complications.

Obviously I'm not going to decide whether I want her back or not until I'm over her and I feel that we are comfortable with each other again. I just need some advice on how I could get her back if I decide to try to get back with her.
Break up advice?
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