Remain friends or let it go?

I was in a long distance relationship with a guy who lived about an hour away for a couple months, and I recently (as in yesterday) ended things with him because I am now with someone who lives in my town, and it is a much easier situation. Problem is - I can't help but constantly think of the other guy who I ended things with. If it weren't for the distance (we're both in high school so it's hard to see each other frequently) I have no question in my mind that we would be together.

Should I continue to talk to the long distance guy and be friends, or just let it go?


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  • i guesss that'd depend on if being his "friend" is going to interfere with your relationship with the new guy... and if that would bother you... there's no shame in being just friends, as long as that's all it iss. plus, it might be good to have someone you can talk to about stuff. chances are you're probably not going to forget about the long-distance guy because you really like him, and you can't just turn feelings off, but I wish you coulddd!


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