What is wrong with some people?

This guy lied to me, cheated on his wife with me, was controlling, jealous, and whenever he got mad at me (for no reason) he would ignore me for a few days and he is telling people I was the problem.. he is talking shit about me yet I bought him stuff, was caring, patient, loving and I never once started an argument and when he was mad I calmed him down. I was so proud of how great of a girlfriend I was but he is posting all these passive aggressive things on snapchat and facebook and instagram saying I am a liar and treated him badly. How do I deal with him and his friend spreading lies about me?


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  • Some people are messed up since childhood : /
    Their brains just poop all the time.

    Try to do better choices in the future.

    • I didn't know he was like that or even married

    • Damn... what an asshole... so sorry to know this happened witth you...

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  • It'll die down if you stop reacting to his actions and just stay away from anything to do with him. If people ask you about his lies tell the truth without anger or accusation but leave it at that.


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  • he's married... get over it. defriend him from snap, instagram and fb.

    • He lied about being married. He is telling my coworkers all this shit about me.

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    • I am trying but him and his friend are trying to ruin my life for no reason

    • thats why you should cut all ties

  • Sounds like a narcissist to me. Get away from him as far as possible before he ruins your life


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