She won't explain why she left?

So me and my girl were together 9 months and one day I said I wanted to breakup because I felt she was talking to guys behind my back. It's happened 1 time before and she did change or so I thought.

We make up the next day and all is perfect for the next 3 days, and then she says she loves me but isn't in love with me andshe feels like she's forcing it and isn't happy. So it's over I tried to get her back obviously but she wouldn't say why she wasn't happy and now she tells me a week later that after we broke up she developed feelings for a friend and they are together now and I should move on it'll make her happy... like wtf she must've been talking to him when we were together for this to happen in a weeks time.

So my question is, Is it most likely over forever or is this a rebound thing. I'm with someone new too but this all seems like bs to me. Any thoughts? I'm not going to talk to her because I'm just like whatever
She won't explain why she left?
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