Moving out?

so this may be a dumb question

but, I'm 19, I attend college. and I am planning on moving outta my house. having a full time job like 42 hrs a week, I plan on moving into a house, buying a used car and I'm taking my dog with me on behalf I would never be able to let her go. so I plan on working my ass off all summer and saving up. I plan on taking out student loans for college, and taking online classes. this is a community college btw, and I get paid 8 dollars an hour at my job and well my total month pay check lies around 1,200 dollars. so I really wanna move out any ideas on what to do first? I wanna make it a swift move and no help like I wanna come and one day when my mom is at work pack all my stuff up, get the dog and move the hell out with out warning so basically any ideas? I have a car at my moms house, but its brand new and its in her name so that's her she has to live up to that! and no I don't plan on telling her where I live or visiting her but I will c my father, they are divorced but live in the same town so any ideas on how to plan this or what to do first?

and no I don't want to split the cost and move in with someone else, though I might be having my boyfriend coming too live with me, lets not put him in the picture yet
- when I say 42 hrs a week I'm talking like 6am-2pm all morning shift


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  • Your going to have a hard time living on 1200 a month. Working 42 hours a week and going to college probably won't work either.

    • U really think so? nah not where I live, I live like hmm I would say an hr from dc but I already looked around rent for a house is like 300 a month

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    • Yea I heard places are pretty cheap down there. I'm doing online courses too! Where are you going?

    • I go to shepherd college in wv

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  • its def possible but it won't be easy at all

    i mean going to college full time (you need to go full time in order to get fin. aid) and working 42 hours will be hardcore. How do you plan on doing all the AND having a social life?

    If I may ask why are you moving out? & not telling ur mom?

    and don't forget about insurance for ur car as well

    • Car insurance ill be fine with, and I don't apply for financial aid anyways, parents make to much money, so I will probably only be doing part time morning 42 hrs a week will not kill me

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    • Ya and right now my only social life, is texting because my mom never lets me outta the house unless its work!

    • Alright do work then!

  • Sounds like a plan just work hard and move out.

    • But, like lol sorry for asking questions, but would I buy the house or car first, if car where would I put it, if house how would I get around? unless I left it at a friends house hmm but I don't know. because getting a house, car and car insurance etc cabel, all in one day is alot

    • If you want to move out asap you might want to get an apartment first unless you have a lot of money to get a house right now. If you don't have a car then that it would probably be a good idea to that first to get around and then get a place I don't know that's just my opinion hope everything works out for you good luck

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  • You can do it if you really put your mind to it.

    Growing up, my parents went to grad school part time and worked full time (back when minimum wage was like $4 an hour). We managed just fine. So financially, you shouldn't have any problems if you learn to budget.

    You sound like you have a solid plan so do it. You don't need our advice or support.


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