When should I reach out to my ex?

We broke up a month ago, i miss him like crazy. He broke it off because he thought i was trying to push him to move in together too hard , we had a big fight over it and he just coldly ended it. We haven't spoken since except when he text me to get my stuff from his house.
His friend told me he's been super depressed.
We otherwise had a pretty good relationship and rarely fought.
When should i reach out again? I think we could work it out.


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  • i would reach out now. honestly. my girlfriend and i broke up right before i deployed, and i felt like an idiot a few weeks after but i figured it was too late to text her and try and work it out.

    • I should've mentioned, i did try to reach out like 2 weeks ago, no response. Maybe he was still mad? I don't know

    • I don't know. I don't know the situation, but why did he get so mad at moving in together? seems a little sketch but like i said I don't know the whole sitation.

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