Is there a chance that we will get back together again?

To make a long story short, my ex broke up with me 3 months ago due to an argument. Few days after the breakup I asked him for a second chance but he refused saying he can't do it anymore. But later on, I noticed thar he started posting sad stuff, and liking my pictures ( what he wasn't used to do even if we were together), one day I catched him writing something to me on whatsapp but he ended up not sending anything. But later on, he talked to me to check up on how I was doing and this convo was so weird.
  • He's thinking about you, you may have a second chance to get back together
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  • He regrets it
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  • He is confused, or afraid to make a move
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  • I don't think he wants you back
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What Guys Said 2

  • I think that there's always a chance, especially with young people (and you two are very young). That said, it's probably a better idea to actually move on rather than end up in a rut where you two are too scared to leave, but are miserable when together. You guys are at an age when you have unlimited dating options. Why not give another person a try and see what happens?

    • Because it's not that easy.

    • It is easy, especially for a woman. You just have to do it. What I would suggest is try a dating site like Plenty of Fish or OKCupid. This will give you a chance to survey the guys who hit you up and take things slow before actually meeting any of them. It'll give you a feel for your options and what dating someone else might be like.

    • I agree, but knowing that he has some second thoughts 💭 makes me wonder.

  • Guys move on.. this issues that caused the breakup will always be there.


What Girls Said 1

  • Oh, he wants you back.

    Thing is, it's more than likely because he ran out of options without you. Now, he's having to face being alone.

    Personally, this is why I don't take exes back anymore. You've run out of hoes and FINALLY realize how great I was? Ahahaha. No.

    ^^ Yes, that is really what I think. #WaitingforDownVotes

    • Yeah this is what I thought about it too, I think he realized he made a big mistake and now regrets it.

    • Liking the way you think!

      Now, remember this... He realizes now what a mistake it was. If he gets you back, he'll think he can do it over and over again. "Oh, she'll forgive me and take me back. It'll be okay."

      -- Whereas if you don't forgive him or talk to him, he'll think twice about doing it to the next woman.

      * You can do better! *

    • You are totally right, thanks for your help!

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