What to do with a petty ex?

So Me and my ex broke up for about a month now, he decided to be friends and I said I don't want to be because in my opinion it's not a good idea. I pretty much stopped talking to him to get my head together and move on, he broke up with me for the 5th time over nonsense and I just got tired of it. He never liked arguing and always said I was the wrong one I got tired of it. So I'm officially moved on, even got crushes on people, now of course I have feeling for my ex , miss a couple laughing moments , but getting him back or wanting him is out the question. Now I had a personal situation I had to deal with and of course I told him since he was involved, and he started apologizing repeatedly, saying he sorry he put me through everything and all this... I basically brushed it off a little... We haven't talked since , but the meaning of this whole story is we are still friends on facebook, and of course I peep 👀 here and there and his facebook is horrible, he literally flirts with woman, puts up indirect statuses about me, puts up relationship videos about how to get over someone, and just doing petty things. So of course I started doing things in return and we just kept going back n fourth, so I just stopped because I'm just over it, it was fun but now I'm like over it. But he still doing it, and now he's actually laughing at certain post in a petty way like I posted something that said looking good and doing better, he laughed. And I'm confused because why he keep bothering me why he keep going on my page , what is wrong with him, why don't he just stop, I'm over it. Want to know how to react to this, and why is he doing it.
What to do with a petty ex?
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