Broke up on Good terms... What to do and get back together in the future?

Me and my ex are senior who attend to a different boarding school (single sex school) and we broke mutually two days ago. She had a terrible incident a month ago (sexually assaulted) and with both of us being far away and busy, she brought the break up. (Previously we were taking a break)

She told how she is 'fond of me' (likes me), but she needs uninterrupted time to work on herself/recovery and told me how I should not be waiting for her to heal. She told me to use this time to enjoy senior year and do well on my grades in order to get into the best college.

For the last 2 paragraphs, she just describing how wonderful I was and she was thanking my family for welcoming her and she really enjoyed the time. She ended the text with 'thank you for everything'. My assumption is - She respects me but she decided to break up for both of our sakes and she probably doesn't want relationship after a terrible thing happened to her.

So my question is - After a good term break up, is it possible to get back together? We are seniors so we are going to different college and not going to think about each other for a long time, but do I still have a chance if I contact her after college? I mean a lot of shit happens in college, but if I still like her after college, do think I have a chance?
Also, I don't understand why good term is worse than bad term break ups...

Also, I want to hear everyone's advice but do not give me an answer like "see other girls" etc. The closest girl school is 1.5 hrs away and I am not even desiring a rebound relationship right now.
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I understand people change a lot during college. We see new people and we most likely going to move on during college.

However, as a person who dated a lot of girls, she was by far the best person. And Im not saying that I am going to stick around like a weak guy - I am going to let her go right now (thats what she wants) and I will also move on in my life. However, I am sure that I will not be interested going further on other girls and also if Im going to have a prom, she is the only PERSON.
Broke up on Good terms... What to do and get back together in the future?
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