Left arm pain during chest work out (bodybuilding)?

Recently I have started bodybuilding from the 2nd day I am having pain in my left arm during chest work out now two weeks gone but still I am unable to lift weight with my left arm specially during chest work out please guide me what I have to do?


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  • Where in your arm is the pain? Is there pain all the time or just when you are at a certain point in your exercise like the when you first start to lift a dumbbell? Try bringing them up in a neutral position or use a smith rack barbell.

    If it's the back of your arm you may have pulled your tricep muscle.

    If it's your elbow then probably a tendon or most likely a ligament.

    • No there is no all the time pain just when I perform chest workout specially push up, dips, and butterfly exercise with machine.

    • Where in your arm is the pain?

      I think that you may have pulled a tricep do to the fact that your mentioning dips that work your tris & shoulders more then your chest .

      Avoid those 3 exercises for a few weeks.

      There are plenty of other chest exercises that you can do especially free weight flys.

    • Ok dude thanks I will avoid those 3 exercises for 2 or 3 weeks

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  • Do you stretch before your workouts, and are you getting plenty of protein/vitamins? You may have also just pulled a muscle or tendon and it's a wee bit sore. If the pain doesn't let up or escalates, I suggest going to see your physician. :1


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  • as a general rule, if you feel any pain at all...stop what your doing to cause that pain


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