Was dating a friend of a friend, had to finish because all he did was talk about his ex, he's now ghosting me, how would you feel if you got this text?

Dude I just don't want things to be awkward over Christmas, if you are out for (friends) gigs, ignore me all you want, but all it shows is how little respect you had for me, I was nice when you were down, I tried to listen to your problems and give advice. I offered to be a friend. What you did at (friends) gig wasn't nice and what you are doing now is worse, ignoring someone isn't the mature way to go about things. But it doesn't matter now.


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  • So you broke up with him and then he cut contact? If that's the case, and it was me, I wouldn't be phased by it. I'd just look at it and then go on with my day.


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