My boyfriend is selfish in sex?

me and my boyfriend we r sexualy active but since he is abroad and we r in a long distance relationship since five months whenever he asks me to have sex (u know how) i just do it because i don't want him unfulfilled but yesterday I dumped him because he is selfish when i ask him to have sex and he just gives excuses like "am tired" and "i need to sleep" and the next day when he asks me and i say lets do it.
so yesterday i thought i had enough of this nonsense he doesn't want to fulfill me when i need it he only does it when he wants to. (and i don't want to cheat)
did i did the right thing?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I think you did what was right. It did sound like he only wanted when he was willing, but when you wanted it, he didn't want to. To me, that's very selfish.

  • you must talk that with him

    • i did he doesn't listen he just says i was really tired or i need to sleep or u r making it a big deal

What Girls Said 1

  • Did you talk to him about it or just decide to break up with him without giving him a chance to fix the issue?

    • i did many times but he always takes me for granted i gusse

    • Ok then I think you did the right thing. If you've brought up the same issue multiple times and he's made no attempt to rectify it, then you made the right choice.

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