How do I get my ex back before his other ex does?

my boyfriend broke up with me because he says he's not over his ex but I think he's just jealous because his brother and friend got with her :/ I know bad friends right! well anyways I think she wants him back and is using his friends to make him jealous the problem is it worked and he told me he's not over her he said he won't get back with her but I think he will she's winning this battle how do I get him before she does!?

i understand what your saying and I LOVE the way I am I'm not changing I'm just wondering how to get rid of the jealousy! he gives me all of his attention but I know he thinks about her when she's with his brother or friend!
i want to talk to him about it! but were good friends right now and I don't want to ruin it! I wish I could go back in time and change us dating we would probably be best friends right now and I would probably be dating his friend that I liked be4 him
I've known him my whole life we've been friends for like ever! I think I should just find me a new guy and become a close friend of his because he is a sweetheart and fun to party with I'm just glad I'm not like my friend and always fighting with my ex!
Thanks for all the advice! I'm over it and him now! were JUST friends and were going to stay that way and I know that's a bad ex girlfriend but I have a new problem I like his brother (who I am now talking to) me and my ex agreed to forget we ever dated


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  • The measure of your self worth comes from your actions and inner thoughts.

    How important do you feel when you have to FIGHT for the attention of your boyfriend? I can't imagine it's very good.

    Instead imagine how great you would feel if your boyfriend only had eyes for you, without expectation or exception? THAT's the type of guy you deserve. But that requires you to have STANDARDS.

    I suggest you develop a standard that says, "I'm perfect as I am and I will NEVER fight for the attention of any man. He can take me or leave me."

    That's the type of girl MOST men prefer! Not some girl who's running after guys trying to look better then some ex girlfriend of his.

    Move on sister!

    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( link )


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  • he doesn't sound like a catch.

    a guy who's not over his ex is the worst guy to get with...why? cause he's not into you, he's into another girl and that means this is a one way relationship, not a two way relationship.

    instead of him running towards you to make this relationship work, he's running away...where? to his ex I believe you know you deserve better, find a guy who deserves you.

    i've dated a guy like that, I ditched him. best decision of my life.

  • Well I think if your not going to get a man that deserves you and your stuck on your ex. then you should enjoy life without him get a boy that's a really good friend hang out BUT don't hook up. When your ex. see`s that your enjoying life to the fullest then he`ll see what he`s missing out on and want to enjoy life with you instead of having his heart tossed around.

  • I say to leave his brother alone. Obviously he's helping the ex & you are just rebounding with him. If you like him, it's probably because self-consciously you are reminded of your ex when you are with him. Give it some time before you jump into a new relationship. It's only been a little over 2 weeks!

  • "bad friends right!"...more like bad ex-girlfriend! He shouldnt be with anyone who'll hook up with his friends or his brother! Bros before ho's! Obviously she's not worth it if she's just trying to blackmail him to get back with for you...try to reason with him and make him realize or let him learn the hard way...your call..

  • Girl if he says that he's over his ex and he's taking the time out of your relationship he is so not worth the fight. Just move on hun he is not worth it

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