Ex ended conversation with Bye! Is this a good or bad sign?

So I decided to text my ex after a month no contact. Do you think she is just being friendly or could there perhaps be more? This is the conversation:

Me: I was in Brussels today. I know we are supposed to "hate each other". But please be careful in Brussels.
She: Why do you say 'we hate each other'? I dont hate you. Yes I will be careful.
Me: Because we said some hurtfull things.
She: That was said in the moment, I forgive you for that.
Me; Ok well then I forgive you all the dumb things you said.


She; that was disrespectfull, i didn't say dumb things. Please respect what I said.
Me: You misunderstood me, I mean I forgive you for all the dumb things you said weeks ago. Like you forgave me! I like what you said.
Me; I hope you understand what I mean.
She: Yes I understand now.
She: But now I will go back to my occupations
She Bye !
Me: Okay. Bye!
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Small details:
After I contacted her I went to bed, so I didn't respond to her question for 9 hours.

She responded immediately always. Except when she was clearly hurt that I disrespected her.


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  • She: But now I will go back to my occupations

    That means to leave her alone. To be honest with you, you should have just blocked and deleted her number after you two broke up. She was trying to be civil with you. Not so much of being friendly. Please stop hoping to get back with her, your only hurting yourself. That is my advice. At this point, be glad that she learned to be a better person to forgive you, and likewise you to her. At least you were trying to be mature about it. But again, don't seek anything more than what you already got.

    • She didn't have to say that at all. The only time she did that was when we were together.
      And bye with an exclamation mark is a bit weird too. It was clear she was happy and wanted to end it on a good note in my opinion.

      But yea I won't contact her again. I am just happy we had this talk, clearly we both care for each other in a way.

    • All you can do is take it as closure for you both to move on.

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  • I personally think that you shouldn't talk to your ex

    • I somewhat agree, depends on what you are trying to achieve. This example clearly made both parties feel better about themselves.

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