Ex ended conversation with Bye! Is this a good or bad sign?

So I decided to text my ex after a month no contact. Do you think she is just being friendly or could there perhaps be more? This is the conversation:

Me: I was in Brussels today. I know we are supposed to "hate each other". But please be careful in Brussels.
She: Why do you say 'we hate each other'? I dont hate you. Yes I will be careful.
Me: Because we said some hurtfull things.
She: That was said in the moment, I forgive you for that.
Me; Ok well then I forgive you all the dumb things you said.


She; that was disrespectfull, i didn't say dumb things. Please respect what I said.
Me: You misunderstood me, I mean I forgive you for all the dumb things you said weeks ago. Like you forgave me! I like what you said.
Me; I hope you understand what I mean.
She: Yes I understand now.
She: But now I will go back to my occupations
She Bye !
Me: Okay. Bye!
She was just being friendly.
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+1 y
Small details:
After I contacted her I went to bed, so I didn't respond to her question for 9 hours.

She responded immediately always. Except when she was clearly hurt that I disrespected her.

Ex ended conversation with Bye! Is this a good or bad sign?
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