Do I speak the truth here?

Okay so this friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend, and honestly they were never too serious. I've known them both, and I know her personally and he was never really into her. But she used to like always talk of him and like him.

So they broke up, and my friend is telling me the reason was that her ex-bf was intimidated by her family's wealth! Now they aren't that rich or anything, and I don't know how to tell her that he was never into her.

She is flat chested and looks do matter if we have to be honest. She's a fairly attractive girl apart from that, and I wish she finds someone. I don't know any guy who is into flat chested girls, but there must be, I hope. I've never told her that was the actual reason because it would be rude. And at some level I think she knows the truth.

How do I help her without all the fake talk but being honest?


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  • Well, a lot of men and woman are into flat chested women. Not everyone is into large breasted females, and think they are too much. I personally know of someone who prefers flat chested women over the largest breasted ones. Just because she doesn't have a large rack doesn't mean she won't find someone who values her.

    If you want to help her, just be there for her. Don't say anything rude to her face, such as her bring flat chested, or that looks only matter. That type of thing does take it toll on women, manly in this type of age. Just help her move on. Introduce her to people who you think might work for her.


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't care sizes , just love him because she is she


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