Does my ex still have feelings?

My (then) boyfriend and I just broke up 3 days ago. The breakup was really unexpected and he clearly stated that he "didn't feel the same", that he "couldn't give me a relationship", that he "wanted me in his life just not like that" and that he "didn't want to be with me but didn't want to see me with anyone else". We haven't talked and he hasn't tried to contact me. Today I saw him because were in the same clinical rotation for our major and at first he tried to act cool, he laughed with other people in front of me and joked and it hurt to see that he seemed fine. I stood quiet and didn't look at him nor talk to him. He came up to me when I was alone and said hi and I said hi back but as the day went on I could see him looking at me from the corner of my eye here and there as well as asking three times throughout the day if I was okay. I asked "about what" and he just said "oh nothing." When our shift was done I said bye to everyone because we left as a class, but before I said bye he was like "hey" and I was like "okay bye guys" and walked away. I left and he called 10 minutes later but I didn't answer. He only called once and that was about 5-6 hours ago. I haven't heard from him since. Do you guys think that maybe he's not over me? Its been killing me thinking that he's been fine without me because it had been 3 days that I didn't hear from him after the breakup. Thanks
Does my ex still have feelings?
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