What to do, advice please?

My ex moved out in June, it was a horrible break up. We were together about a year and I proposed to her, she said yes. Long story short about a year after things went south. After she moved out we never talked again. I was just going through a drawer I rarely use looking for something and I found an envelope with the ring inside. Now it's got my mind messed up. I don't know what I should do, especially with the ring.


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  • Sell it and do something nice for yourself - get something good out of a hurtful situation

    • I feel like whatever I buy would remind me how I got it

    • Do an experience instead? Or give it to charity if you think it would remind you that much.
      I was engaged when I was really young and he cheated and left but refused to take the ring. I sold it and used the money to go on a hot air balloon ride and gave the rest to my favorite charity

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  • She's just a girl. She misses you, she wants your attention and is wondering why you haven't texted her pining for her yet. If you still stand by your original decision, just tell her that nothing has changed and she should leave it in your mailbox.

    • Omg I'm so sorry I posted the wrong answer to the wrong question!

    • Regarding this question, I think you should sell the ring, there is no sense holding on to something that is going to hurt you. If she is never coming back into your life, get rid of it so you can fully move on! You owe that to yourself

  • Get rid o the ring go to a club dating si tes find someone else

  • Donate the ring to a charity and never look back.


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