Boyfriend of over a year said the relationship was not what was best for him right now?

My boyfriend for over a year broke up with me about two months ago. Originally it was over the same stuff, we needed space to work on each other, we were too dependent on each other so young and it scared him with everything going on in his life for the time being. He's always been very work centered and focused on building his career. He would always tell me he was doing it for me so we could travel and live a comfortable life. We didn't have a bad relationship at all but we hung out all the time, looking back, probably too. Our initial breakup lasted about two-three weeks when we got back together to work things out but not spending as much time together to try to avoid the stress of it before. It would get in the way of our studies sometimes and I know his schedule is much busier than mine because he's a senior in college and I'm only a sophomore. After being back together for only a week I got entirely too drunk and started a fight while we were out drinking. He was really hurt and we broke it off again. Now we're on good terms after about another three weeks of being broken up. We've met up with each other so he could fix my phone and it was like we weren't even broken up but obviously nothing changed. I know he isn't seeing other girls and has no intentions. I was his first girlfriend and he was always extremely honest with me. In this case though, do I believe him when he says our relationship is not what was best for him right now. He said he still cares and this is best for the both of us to have space and work on each other, also that he knows there's a chance we will connect again in the future when the time is right.

I just want some some advice on if his thoughts are genuine or if he's sugar coating and doesn't actually love me anymore. Thanks!


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  • If he can cut you off, he doesn't love you.

    • Well he didn't cut me off technically because we still have talked or seen each other. I unfollowed him on social medias and he was hurt by that when he found out and asked me about it.

  • yeah he doesn't love u anymore

    • Why wouldn't he just come out and say that if he's always been honest with me?

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