Girlfriend doesn't want a relationship?

So I've been chasing this girl for a year. I met her with my friends and I thought she was a cool person. After 2 months I asked her out on Valentine's Day and she rejected me. Then 3 months later she came to me. We dated, it was both our first relationship. We were happy for about a month and a half and then we suddenly broke up.

Everyone was confused and so was I. So after a week of sulking, I went to my friends place to calm myself. She was there, I didn't stay for even 30 minutes. I was filled with emotion and confusion that I thought I had gotten over days ago. So I drove back to my place and stayed there for a couple hours. I went back because I wanted comfort from my fiends. One of my friends talked to me outside. She said I should clear things up with her. I talked to her that night to get some closure and see what lies in our future.

She told me I didn't do anything wrong. She said she is just not ready for a relationship. She said she is more independent than me and doesn't like to talk about her problems. She just doesn't see anything with us in the future. She said we can try to be friends since we are in the same friend group but I'm afraid it'll make me uncomfortable and want her again. I told her we could try.

I was heartbroken that night but I didn't know it. I thought everything was going to be okay but truth is I still think this is going to be hard to get over. All this work and effort for some girl who isn't ready.

I don't know if she'll change her mind. I'm not expecting it. But this girl meant a lot to me. She meant a lot to me for a long time. I just don't know what to do now. I don't want to start over and spend another year chasing a girl. I don't want to chase this girl if she is not ready. Please give me some help.
Girlfriend doesn't want a relationship?
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